Agenția de Rating Politic

About us

We know politics

The Political Rating Agency is a political consulting and market research company. Our expertise is 100% about politics and public communication campaigns. A company of political consultants and pollsters in Romania.

The Political Rating Agency projects are coordinated by Cristian Andrei, a 10+ years experience consultant in political research and strategy.



The Political Rating Agency projects have covered since 2008 a wide variety of clients from all sides of Romanian politics (PNL, PSD, PDL, PPDD, independents and smaller parties), but also mass-media and NGOs.

Our experience in electoral campaigns and political consultancy is tested in national and local projects – county level, rural areas, large and small urban areas. We’ve been involved in local, parliamentary, European and presidential elections.

Our associates took part in electoral and political consulting projects in all elections in Romania after 2000.



Our philosophy is to bring in each project the best professionals for the given case and to build for each client a dedicated solution package. We are proud that none of our clients ever received a “recipe” designed for someone else before.

“The diagnostic of the situation” – which is both about the public mind and the political marketing capacities of our client – it’s a fundamental instrument in our work.



Merging the research tools and strategic thinking is the core of our vision.



We aim to innovate continuously and to have a contribution to the improvement of the Romanian political life by modernizing the political marketing tools that we employ.

We are determined to convince all of our clients of the need to use new tools and a new thinking grounded in offering satisfaction to the public and addressing the real issues. Our general political and electoral consulting Offering for the 2012 elections was branded and promoted under the slogan “New politics. Think 2012”. It was shown on all of the Agency’s documents.

We started and lobbied the first official communication campaign of a party with the online bloggers during the 2010 PNL national Congress – it was a successful event that changed the perspective over how parties in Romania should communicate.

We conducted the first national, independent and public “electoral simulation” of the seats allocation of the Romanian Parliament. We were the first to estimate correctly that the number of MPs will raise by a significant number, due to an exception in the electoral law, even the most of the public doubted or prognosis.

We cooperate within a network of academics and professionals interested in political marketing, with important professors such as Bruce Newman, one of the founders of the discipline of political marketing. Cristian Andrei is also a member in the Editorial Board at the Journal of Political Marketing.



As recognition of our successful activity The Political Rating Agency was certified by PNL and USL to carry out the surveys for the party and coalition candidates’ nomination in the local elections.