Agenția de Rating Politic
Client:Emilian Francu, the National Liberal Party (PNL), mayor of Ramnicu Valcea city
Date:September 19, 2013

Emilian Francu – “Respect. Seriousness. Trust” – the new mayor in Ramnicu Valcea (2012)

The campaign strategy had the main objective to preserve and promote the successful profile of the candidate with a long positive local history, against the incumbent PDL mayor Romeo Radulescu that had a very good record and a “good manager” profile. We aimed to contrast the “vision” based on the candidate Francu “experience” and to underline the errors the acting mayor was making relative to Mr Francu “vision”. Ramnicu Valcea city has about 100.000 voters.

What we did:
– A long term research strategy.
– Adapt the campaign using public opinion indicators specially built for the Ramnicu Valcea city agenda.
– Designing and choosing a competitive strategic profile using market research techniques.
– Message building and message strategy.
– Testing and choosing the campaign slogan trough focus-groups: “Respect. Seriousness. Trust”.
– Advising the campaign staff design and management.
– Public agenda monitoring.
– Advertising products design (print, audio, video).
– Campaign strategy design and advising the implementation.

Agentia de Rating Politic a construit si implementat o strategie de cercetare pe termen lung pentru o campanie de succes in Ramnicu Valcea in 2012. Modelul de cercetare si datele au fost precise. Strategia de campanie si mesajele propuse au fost castigatoare. Am remarcat nivelul de experienta si gandirea precisa in momentele cheie ale campaniei.
Emilian Francu, primar Ramnicu Valcea