Agenția de Rating Politic
Client:Romeo Nicoara, The National Liberal Party - PNL (ex Popular Party - Dan Diaconescu), MP - deputy
Date:September 19, 2013

Romeo Nicoara, “For a fair future” – deputy for Ferentari (2012)

The campaign offered an answer to the striking lack of “representation” of the people in Ferentari (a poor and ill-famed area in Bucharest). Campaign management was tough due to a very late start and the lack of resources. Thus the challenge was to adapt to this situation by fine-tuning the targeting of favourable voters in a very special area of Bucharest any through a very direct communication in this context.
The strategy was built around a meticulous analysis of the electoral mechanism which allowed the candidate in the second or even the third place with the proper number of votes to win an extra seat in the Parliament. We set a target of 16% and 4500 votes. The result was much more: 19.15% and 5460 votes, the best score of a PPDD candidate in one of the 28 electoral districts in Bucharest. The district has about 90.000 voters.

What we did:
– Market research and strategy.
– Positioning in a very special electoral district of Bucharest.
– Designing and choosing a competitive strategic profile using market research techniques.
– Message building and message strategy.
– Testing and choosing the campaign slogan trough focus-groups: “For a fair future!”
– Full campaign staff management and coordination.
– Advertising products design (print, audio, video).
– Voter targeting and telemarketing.

Este a doua campanie pe care o castig alaturi de Agentia de Rating Politic. De fiecare data s-au adaptat la conditiile locale, chiar daca in 2008 a fost vorba de un colegiu predominant rural in Teleorman, iar in 2012 de un colegiu din Bucuresti, profund urban. Strategia lor s-a bazat de fiecare data pe intelegerea exacta a problemelor alegatorilor si mi-a permis o comunicare excelenta si convigatoare cu oamenii. In 2012 au folosit instrumente moderne, de tintire a alegatorilor, intr-un colegiu electoral foarte dificil.
Romeo Nicoara, deputat Bucuresti