Agenția de Rating Politic
Date:September 19, 2013

Advising local and national leaders (2010-2012)

Our expertise and contribution was used in:
– Pre-electoral management for local and parliamentary elections in local branches of Romanian political parties.
– Positioning local leaders for future elections.
– Advising the public communication of MPs or local leaders.
What we did:
– Long term market research strategies.
– Testing messages, favourability, trust, and other key indicators.
– Leaders public profiles testing in focus-groups.
– Communication and promotion strategies.
– Message building and message strategies.
– Advising for staff design and management and campaign preparations.
– Monitoring the public agenda and pubic trends.
– Telemarketing projects (targeted messages).
– Advertising products design (print, audio, video).
– Advising national leaders in political matters: political analysis, strategy diagnostic, national messages.
– Media training for political leaders (radio and TV).