Agenția de Rating Politic
Client:Inhouse project
Date:September 19, 2013

Periodical national opinion polls “Political Market”

The Political Rating Agency started in 2011 its own periodical national opinion political poll – “Political Market”. We conducted such research in recent key moments of Romanian politics and we looked at the same time to other important impacting issues on the public agenda.

National opinion polls:

February 2011: we anticipated the USL future success just days before the official announcement of its formation.

December 2011: Romanians would participate massively in “primary”-like elections, the majoritarian electoral system preference is for a majoritarian formula with two big parties (45%), Vasile Blaga was named the most important PDL leader (later he became the official leader of the party), massive support for progressive taxation on revenue, only a moderate support for the Rosia Montana gold mining (45% – later a very critical issue on the public agenda).

August 2012: We have correctly indicated the turn-out scenarios and the influence the “boycott” strategy would have in the impeachment Referendum against president Traian Basescu.

Aprili 2013

June 2013

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